I.T. Integration and System Capabilities

Atkinsonís Pharmacy embraces technology and is committed to incorporating hardware and software that will help us achieve our goals of improved patient outcomes, improved quality & safety, improved productivity and improved communication.

Today, we are riding the newest wave of technology as facilities evolve into electronic medical records and paperless systems. Many software companies are developing their own way of handling these issues and we remain as flexible as possible when dealing with each company.

We have gladly interfaced our pharmacy system with multiple EMAR software systems. This provides a real time bi-directional interface to facilitate order entry and fulfillment. Interfacing two totally different systems presents some challenges but we are committed to work with each software provider to continually improve the reliability of their software.
With the increased attention focused on Electronic Medical Records Software and the new software providers making  introductions to Long Term Care Providers, Atkinson's makes themselves available for consultation regarding the best EMAR program for your communities success. Allow us to save you a great deal of time and revenue by assisting you in the decision process. Please View the banners of each EMAR provider to your right of this page. Just Click on one and review the software from their website.




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