Additional Services

Medical Records
This monthly printing would include Physician Order Forms, Medication Administration Records, Behavior Monitoring Forms, Treatment Forms, and Customized Forms. These forms would then be delivered by our professional team to your location.

External Electronic Medical Records (EMARS)
Atkinsonís is currently interfaced with the following EMAR Software programs:
  • Accuflo
  • American HealthTec 
  • ALIS
  • Correctec
  • Catalyst
  • QuickMar
  • Matrix
  • Eldermark

IV Nursing assistance 
Available for facilities that do not currently have a certified IV Nurse. This service
is Subcontracted through an outsourced nursing company:

IV Access Incorporated:

The company provides 24 hour emergency and non emergency nursing services for the placement of Picc Lines, Midlines and Peripheral IV lines throughout South Georgia and Florida. These charges are submitted at our invoice cost and passed through without markup.





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