Having worked with several pharmacies throughout Florida, I speak from experience when I say Atkinsonís Pharmacy far exceeds them all. The reliability of prompt delivery of medications, excellent communication with front line nurses and one on one customer service makes choosing Atkinsonís an obvious choice for me.


Lynn Smith-Brown, RN, NHA


As Director of an Assisted Living Community, it is very important to me that our residents are satisfied and happy. In order to do this there are a few basic services that have to be consistent and of high quality:  1) Food 2) Activities 3) Medications available and delivered on time.  I can personally and professional say that my experience with Atkinsonís Pharmacy has been very good.  Their personal commitment and passion to serve our residents is second to none.  If a resident needs a new medication, Atkinsonís Pharmacy does everything within their power to deliver it as quickly as they can.  Iím very happy we have Atkinsonís Pharmacy and I can sleep a little better at night knowing they have my residents best interest in mind.




Gary Badger

Residence Director

Legend Senior Living   

RHS has chosen Atkinson's as a strategic partner for many reasons. The most important being their professionalism, decades of knowledge in the industry and their dedication to our community. They always go above and beyond, which truly sets them apart from everyone else.
Santo Giglia. 





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