Management Team

Robert Allen
President of Atkinson’s Pharmacy

Robert “Rob” Allen is the chief executive officer and has been with the corporation since 1981. Rob is responsible for shepherding the clinical and operational staff that makes up our company. He is part of the second generation ownership team and has over 30 years experience in all aspects of pharmacy operations and management. Rob remains committed to honoring the service philosophies that his father started over 50 years ago.

Robert Allen, President of Atkinson’s Pharmacy

Raymond Morris Jr.
Director of Pharmacy Services

Raymond “Ray” Morris Jr. is our clinical head and has been with us since 2003. Ray is responsible for all clinical operations of the pharmacy. He works closely with our clients to make sure that our pharmacy services are in line with their expectations while maintaining all state and federal Guidelines. Ray has 13 years of experience in the Long Term Care industry. He is a veteran of the United States Navy, having served as a Navy Lieutenant specializing in Pharmacology.

Raymond Morris Jr., Director of Pharmacy Services

Kevin Davis
Director of D.M.E. Medical Supplies

Kevin Davis has over 30 years’ experience in D.M.E. sales and service. Kevin enjoys working with patients and meeting their home medical equipment needs. Being part of the ownership team brings with it a great sense of responsibility, making sure our customers are treated with the care and respect they deserve. Kevin can help with questions concerning insurance coverage, billing issues, equipment usage and functions.

Kevin Davis, Director of D.M.E. Medical Supplies

Bertha Rivera, RN
Educational Coordinator

Bertha Rivera came to Atkinson’s in 2001. She works closely with our facilities to provide customization to meet the unique nursing needs of each facility. She teaches several educational classes each month in the areas of staff development, and conducts on-site services such as Med-Pass Review, Med Cart Audits and Med Tech Classes. Bertha is a Veteran of the United States Navy.

Bertha Rivera, RN, Educational Coordinator

Kimberly Deal
Corporate Accounts Manager

Kimberly “Kim” Deal, a part of the ownership team, has been employed by Atkinson’s since 1972. Her expertise is in areas of finance and accounting. Kim has a keen eye for detail and audits all the charges that are ongoing at all facilities. She works directly with each facility daily to ensure accurate billing and accounts payable. Kim is also our corporate HIPPA Compliance Officer.

Kimberly Deal, Corporate Accounts Manager

Laura Cox
Private Accounts Manager

Laura Cox has been a staff member since 1995 and is our expert in dealing with Medicare D plans, formularies, prior authorizations and other insurance billing issues. She works closely with the family members that are paying their loved one’s pharmacy bills. She is friendly, compassionate and efficient in dealing with all the issues that come with billing third parties for resident’s medication. Laura also works closely with facility staff members to take a proactive approach to the billing process.

Laura Cox, Private Accounts Manager