Standard LTC Pharmacy Services

Atkinson’s Pharmacy has been serving families in Northeast Florida since 1959.For the last 25 years, Long Term Care facilities have been a growing part of our service resume and continue to expand rapidly. In our LTC pharmacy we have a qualified staff of 40 dedicated to being an integral part of your team. We know that each facility is different and we work very hard at customizing our LTC pharmacy services to meet your specific needs. We have extensive experience in all aspects of pharmacy.

  • Delivery routine, 7 DAYS A WEEK
  • Orders filled in compliance packaging
  • A pharmacist on call 24 x 7 x 365
  • Discharge medication programs
  • Medication Regimen Review on request
  • Emergency medication kit formulary to your specifications
  • Proof of delivery on request
  • Med carts for each nurses station
  • Fax machines for each nurses station
  • Treatment carts for each nurses station on request
  • Pharmacy staff participation in facility Q/A meetings
  • Maintenance of resident’s medical records, paper or electronic
  • Telephone consultation by pharmacists
  • Resident billing account maintenance
  • Weekly cycle filling to eliminate manual ordering and reduce waste
  • Atkinson’s is operational every day of the year

Clinical Assistance

Through our long term care pharmacies, we provide assistance for medication regimen reviews on every new patient and ongoing autonomous chart review by independent consultant LTC pharmacists.

Discharge Medication Programs (meds-to-beds)

We can supply medications at discharge to residents who are discharging to home from the facility. For those patients who are going home and not to an Assisted Living Facility, these programs are showing great benefits for better outcomes and keeping people from returning to the hospital immediately after discharge. Also, all of our discharge medications come in compliance packaging to help to organize patient’s medications.

Staff Training

Staff training is available at your request by our team of pharmacists, nurses and drug reps. A schedule of our routine training is available at or call us directly.

Medical Records

Unlike some long term care pharmacies, all of our records are produced in-house. Electronic MAR/TAR and POS available if desired.

Quality Assurance is Job #1

Quality Assurance is handled in our pharmacy with multiple systems designed to get the right med to the right patient at the right time. We use work flow software, bar coding and robotics just to mention a few systems in place.

Additional Services Available

Medical Records

This monthly printing would include Physician Order Forms, Medication Administration Records, Behavior Monitoring Forms, Treatment Forms, and Customized Forms. These forms would then be delivered by our professional team to your location.

External Electronic Medical Records (EMARS)

Atkinson’s is currently interfaced with the following EMAR Software programs:

  • Accuflo
  • American HealthTec
  • ALIS
  • Correctec
  • Catalyst
  • QuickMar
  • Matrix
  • Eldermark
  • Point Click Care

IV Nursing Assistance

Available for facilities that do not currently have a certified IV Nurse. This service is subcontracted through an outsourced nursing company, IV Access Incorporated. The company provides 24-hour emergency and non-emergency nursing services for the placement of Picc Lines, Midlines and Peripheral IV lines throughout South Georgia and Florida. These charges are submitted at our invoice cost and passed through without markup.

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