At Atkinson’s Pharmacy, we realize the challenges that seniors living independently — as well as those being cared for at home by family and caregivers — have special needs when it comes to medication and durable medical equipment.

Our Services For Seniors and Caregivers

As a senior care pharmacy, we are committed to providing the compounding pharmacy services needed to ensure our customers have the correct medication in the formulation that is easy for them or their caregivers to administer.

In addition, we also provide a full line of durable medical equipment. With both sales and rentals, we can provide wheelchairs and transport chairs, diabetic supplies, mobility equipment, braces and Pride seat lift chairs.

The focus of our senior care pharmacy is to provide the best service possible for our customers. This includes those living independently or those in long-term care facilities. We offer direct delivery of medications and durable medical supplies, helping seniors and their caregivers to be able to focus on more important things.

Customer Support and Service

Atkinson’s Pharmacy has long been recognized for our customer support and services. Our team is always available to discuss your medication requirements and durable medical equipment needs. We can often suggest options to our customers to ensure a higher quality of life, greater mobility, and greater independence for the seniors we serve.

We also provide a daily meds program. This is an essential part of our senior care pharmacy and provides each patient with a 30 day supply of pre-sorted medications. Each strip is clearly marked with the date and time to be taken, the patient’s name and all the necessary information about the medication.

To learn more about our senior care pharmacy services, contact our staff today.

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