Medication Assistance Training (also known as Med Tech training)

Our medication assistance training course is a 6-hour class that will give you the training and a certificate you need to work in an Assisted Living or Care Home as a Medication Assistant (aka Med Tech).  We also offer the annual 2-hour update course you need to keep your certificate active as required by Florida Law.

These classes are offered once a month in our Orange Park office.  To attend a class, click the register now box below and complete the registration process.

Medication Assistance Training - Atkinson's Pharmacy Group

Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Level 1 and Level 2

This course is designed for staff who work at a facility that advertises that they provide special care for persons with ADRD. Four (4) hours of initial training is required within 3 months of employment at said facility (Level 1).

For staff who provide direct care to residents with ADRD, an additional 4 hours is required within 9 months of employment at said facility (Level 2).


Florida LPN IV Therapy Certification

Florida LPN IV Therapy Certification: This course is designed to provide LPN (licensed practical nurse) with a comprehensive foundational knowledge in IV therapy practice, including managing CV lines. This course meets the 30 hour IV therapy education requirement set forth in the FBON Nurse Practice Act for LPNs practicing IV therapy in the state of Florida.


CPR Certification

Our CPR Certification is offered through American Heart Association (AHA) and is the “BLS for Healthcare Provider” This class is 4 hours long and is given once monthly. We are limited to 10 participants per class, with a minimum of 5 participants. We will hold as many classes as necessary to meet the needs of our long term care partners.

On-site classes can be made available with class participation of 10 or more and can be done upon facility request. Certification will be issued upon passing the class.

A group of adult education students practicing CPR chest compression on a dummy.