Case Study: Compounding in Wound Care

Case Study: Open Wound Burn After Radiation – PCCA PracaSil™-Plus

A 75-year-old Caucasian woman presented with burns on the front and back of her right shoulder after multiple (30) sessions of radiation therapy. An open wounddeveloped on the burned area, causing her severe pain and discomfort. She applied PracaSil™-Plus, a proprietary anhydrous silicone scar base, twice daily on her shoulder and the open wound healed completely within 11 days.

Case Description:

A 75-year-old Caucasian woman was diagnosed with breast cancer. After chemotherapy treatment, she underwent radiation therapy. After 30 sessions of radiation she started developing burns on the front and back of her shoulders, under her arms and on her face. The burns on her shoulders turned into open wounds and continued to worsen (Figure 1). The doctor prescribed two different commercial products that did not help with healing and also caused additional painful burning in the area. Those products also stained her clothing. PracaSil-Plus was recommended by a pharmacist, and the patient started applying a thin layer on the affected areas twice a day. Her face healed within a few days and within 11 days, the shoulder wounds had completely healed with only a slight redness of the skin remaining (Figure 2).

Daughter’s Report:

My mom said that any cancer center should recommend the use of PracaSil-Plus to their patients. The commercial products that the doctor prescribed to her not only didn’t treat the problem, but also caused additional pain and burning. Pracasil-Plus was extremely helpful and didn’t stain her clothing as the other products did. She is very happy with her results.