What is a compounding pharmacy?

Compounding is nothing new. In fact, before large drug manufacturers and their massive distribution systems became commonplace, all pharmacists used compounding to create medicine for patients. Compounding is the process of altering existing pharmaceutical preparations and/or combining the chemicals that go into medications, including the addition of flavoring, so that the dosage and preparation is better suited for the patient’s needs.

Can compounding only be done with preparations from pharmaceutical manufacturers?

No. In fact, doctors may prescribe a combination of medicines that aren’t currently manufactured. For example, if Drug A is made by one manufacturer, Drug B is made by another, and your doctor prescribed both, a compounding pharmacist can custom create a pill that includes both medications so the pill is easier to take. In addition, if a drug manufacturer discontinues a drug because it’s no longer profitable, a compounding pharmacist often has the individual raw elements needed to create the medicine and can custom produce it for you.

Does my doctor have to approve?

Your doctor needs only to prescribe a medication. However, his or her consent is needed if the dosage is going to be altered.

Can prescriptions requiring sterile preparation be made at Atkinson’s?

Yes, sterile custom made prescription medications are prepared in a state-of-the-art sterile isolator (aka Glovebox). All sterile compounding is performed by a pharmacist with specialized training in aseptic technique and compounding.

What type of sterile products can be compounded at Atkinson’s?

We compound a wide variety of sterile products including intravenous and subcutaneous injections, ophthalmic solutions and wound irrigation solutions.

Does compounding cost more?

The cost of compounding medications is very reasonable since compounding pharmacists have access to the pure-grade quality chemicals needed to eliminate some of the costs that go into commercially manufactured pharmaceuticals. But the actual cost will depend on the time involved and equipment needed.

Is compounding pharmacy safe for hormonal replacement therapy?

Yes, In fact our hormone replacement therapy is designed specifically for what your body needs. A unique formula is created for you based on lab tests to insure that you are only getting the specific hormones that your body is lacking and in the specific doses that you need. Compounding promotes a triad relationship between you, your physician and your pharmacist working together to insure an optimum health outcome.

What if the medication I used to take is no longer available?

Many times, a prescription written by your doctor for the new compound, containing the active medication ingredient, can be filled at Atkinson’s even though the original prescribed medication may not be commercially available from the manufacturer.

Why would a compounding pharmacy be used for animals and veterinary medicine?

Much the same way that a human infant needs a more limited dose of a medication, a Chihuahua doesn’t need the same dosage as a Great Dane. As a compounding pharmacy, we can customize the dosage for the size and breed of the creature. We can also flavor the medication to make it more palatable for your pet.