Why Call a Compounder? You’d Be Surprised How Much They Can Do for You!

If you’re a healthcare provider, you may have experience dealing with a local compounding pharmacy. While these facilities are usually consulted only for making very specific preparations, there are actually many reasons to contact your nearest compounder. Here are just a few reasons why compounding pharmacies are a doctor’s best friend:

Customized Care for Your Patients

There are many reasons a patient may not be able to take a traditionally-manufactured medication. Premade medicines are often created with flavors, dyes and added, “inactive ingredients” that can cause allergic reactions, upset stomach, and other issues. When they contain gluten, lactose and other elements that may be outside a prescribed or preferred diet, patients may reject them purely on principle. Some other reasons why premade medications may not be preferable to patients include:

  • Flavors that children or picky patients find unpalatable.
  • Dosages or strengths that are not appropriate for the patient or their needs.
  • Inability to swallow or otherwise ingest medications as they are typically manufactured.
  • Need for a different delivery method, such as direct oral relief of pain after mouth procedures or direct relief of pain via transdermal means, rather than through ingested medication.

Solutions for Every Need

Whatever the patient’s reasons for wanting something other than what is usually prescribed, your local compounding pharmacy can help make it more acceptable. By individualizing the medication and its delivery method, they can take nearly any medication and make it exactly what your patient wants and needs – without losing its effect and potency. Common ways compounding pharmacies can improve medications’ delivery methods include but aren’t limited to:


  • Transdermal gels, patches, and creams for medications usually taken internally.
  • Suppositories for young children and babies who cannot or will not take traditional medication.
  • Oral suspensions instead of pills for those recovering from mouth and throat surgery, such as tonsillectomy, thyroid removal and more.

Contact your area compounding pharmacy, and see what they can do for you and your patients. The right medication in the right way can make a world of difference to those you serve. Be the doctor who bridges the gap between what is available and what your clients need. Be the doctor who uses a compounding pharmacy, and give your patients the customized medication that can improve and prolong their lives!