Benefits of Compounded Medications | Atkinson's Pharmacy Group

Benefits of Compounded Medications

Compound medications can’t be found sitting on the shelf of a pharmacy. These prescriptions are custom mixtures ordered by the doctor and filled by a compounding pharmacy. Prepared by licensed pharmacists, the drug’s form, taste, texture, and/or strength are modified for the patient. In some cases, the medicinal ingredient is still available for treatment, but the concentration is not manufactured commercially for the public.

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Rehab Spotlight | Atkinson's Pharmacy Group

Rehab Spotlight

As pharmacy professionals working in the Jacksonville community for over 50 years, we know how important rehabilitative care is for patients and their families. That’s why we are devoted to partner with rehabilitation centers throughout Florida.

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How to Get the Long-Term Care Talk Started

There are nearly 67 million Americans providing assistance to their spouse, relative, parent, or close relation. With this in mind, it is important to remember that both aging and the potential for specialized long-term care solutions are two topics that shouldn’t be put off for too long. However, before discussions begin, family members should gather all of the information needed to have an understanding, yet productive, conversation with aging loved ones.

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3 Major Signs a Patient is Addicted to Pain Medication | Atkinson's Pharmacy Group

3 Major Signs a Patient is Addicted to Pain Medication

With millions of opioid prescriptions being doled out every year, the topic of addiction has never been more relevant than it is today. One of the easiest ways to spot an addict is to observe their physical appearance. An addict may have bloodshot eyes or have gone through a sudden weight change. They may have poor coordination, slurred speech or emanate strange body odors. But it’s not always as obvious as just seeing a person on a daily basis. Caregivers should learn more about the signs of this dreaded disease if they want to be effective in their jobs.

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Pharmacy Services for Home Healthcare | Atkinson's Pharmacy Group

Pharmacy Services for Home Healthcare

When a person needs assistance in their everyday lives, it can leave caregivers and families feeling as though they’re at a bit of a crossroads. All things being equal, most patients would prefer to remain in their home, so at least part of their routine can stay intact. It’s why Atkinson’s Pharmacy works with preferred home healthcare partners to help patients live their current lifestyle.

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The Importance of Starting Probiotics Early When Administering Antibiotics

Antibiotics might be designed to help defend your body against harmful pathogens, but they can also kill the good bacteria in your gut. When all of the good bacteria in your gut is gone, your body can quickly succumb to fast-growing Candida and other harmful pathogens that can wreak havoc on your small intestine and other internal organs. Fortunately, probiotics can help to combat the harmful side effects of long-term antibiotic treatments.

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