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Benefits of Compounded Medications

Compound medications can’t be found sitting on the shelf of a pharmacy. These prescriptions are custom mixtures ordered by the doctor and filled by a compounding pharmacy. Prepared by licensed pharmacists, the drug’s form, taste, texture, and/or strength are modified for the patient. In some cases, the medicinal ingredient is still available for treatment, but the concentration is not manufactured commercially for the public.

Custom Medicines

Compounded medicines are critical healthcare treatments for inpatient and outpatient healthcare facilities, assisted living communities and hospice care centers. The compounding pharmacy prepares a doctor ordered medication when traditional medicine concentrations don’t meet the needs of the patient.

In other situations, the patient’s medical history may necessitate uncommon doses of a specific drug to be effective. Compounded medications should not be shared with others even if they have similar symptoms.

Some examples of health conditions treated with compounded medicines include:

  • Dermatology disorders
  • Injection alternatives
  • Thyroid or hormone replacements
  • Topical or oral pain applications

Benefits of Compounded Medications

The drug may be unavailable commercially or out-of-stock due to a drug shortage. Rather than risk a patient going without the medicine, doctors order compounded medications. In other circumstances, compounding is necessary to adjust the drug’s dosage.

Patients taking multiple medicines may experience unwanted responses with a traditional prescription; here a compounding pharmacy offers the doctor the benefit of customizing medications for the patient.

Children and elderly patients are notorious for avoiding medications as prescribed. Both population groups are sensitive to tastes and textures and the old fashion method of dissolving or crushing medicine for easier consumption doesn’t always work.

To help treat the condition for the patient, doctors take advantage of a compounding pharmacy’s expertise. By adjusting the prescription, patients are more likely to take the medication as directed to cure the illness.

Healthcare and Industry Standards

Compounded medicines have treated health disorders long before the evolution of pharmaceutical manufacturing. Today, it continues to work for doctors treating specific ailments by adjusting the medicine’s formula to meet the individual’s health complaint.

Healthcare facilities and professional practitioners engage in state-approved compounding pharmacies creating measured doses that otherwise may not be available. The level of pharmaceutical ingredient quality and public safety standards are maintained by healthcare industry guidelines.

Meeting Unique Needs

Compound medications are vital to treating unique and sometimes ongoing health conditions. For many, personalized medicines mixed by a licensed pharmacist lead to healthier lifestyles. If traditional prescriptions are not providing relief – compounded medications may be an alternative solution. As with all health issues, there may be an underlying condition that prohibits the medicine from doing its job.