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Assistance with Self-Administered Medication Changes

The anticipated changes for Florida administrative code 58A-5.0185 were published on May 10, 2018, however, some teams are just now finding out. But not to worry, these changes are meant to have a positive impact.

Most noticeably, the initial medication course has been expanded to 6 hours. If you have taken the 4-hour course, you can complete the 2-hour annual review and acquire the 2 hours of new skills training needed. The annual review requirement has NOT changed.

The new skills for unlicensed trained caregivers include:

  • Applying and removing compression stockings (TED Hose)
  • Assisting the resident with glucometer checks
  • Checking and documenting vital signs
  • Assisting the resident with the nebulizer machines
  • Assisting the resident with CPAP machine
  • Assisting the resident with putting on their oxygen cannula or face mask
  • Assisting the resident with emptying a colostomy bag and assisting with changing the bag, not the wafer.
  • Handing the resident their insulin pen

Remember, the unlicensed staff cannot:

  • Make judgement calls based on vitals signs or glucose readings.
  • Titrate oxygen
  • Titrate the CPAP settings
  • Give injections

Each facility may choose whether to implement the new skills for unlicensed staff. The staff are required to be trained on the new skills based on the administrative code.

For more information, see the updated ASPEN survey here:

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