Does Natural Mean Safe?

Does Natural Mean Safe?

Without the extra added chemicals or processing, it’s easy to assume the body will react better to a natural product than an artificial one. However, there is a danger in this viewpoint because it doesn’t take into account the actual ingredients that are inside. If you’re hoping to find the best possible medication for your body chemistry, consider the following facts.

Supplements: A Popular Aisle

Supplements, dietary aids, and vitamins are extremely popular today, and there’s a reason why there are whole stores dedicated to selling them. More than one in two Americans are taking some type of supplement in their daily lives. They promise everything from better heart health to improved memory to lower cholesterol. They may say that their products are ‘natural’ but that label doesn’t really tell you anything of value.

Rules and Regulations

The main concern about just how many supplements are being sold on a daily basis is that there’s no regulation when it comes to these products. The FDA is not checking up on the producers of these products to ensure their ingredients and methods are safe. Just because they contain the bark or stems of a plant, doesn’t mean that the product is necessarily good for your body. (After all, a plant that is poisonous to the human body could still be called ‘natural’.)

How They Affect You

Supplements that aren’t effective are usually harmless. They won’t hurt you, but they won’t help you either. It’s frustrating that you might waste some money on these products, however, it’s likely will not threaten your long-term health. However, there are other ways they might impact your health over time. Supplements can sometimes clash with the other prescriptions you may be taking. Certain supplements have been shown to cause anything from high blood pressure to organ damage.

What You Can Do

Both your doctors and your pharmacist should know what you are taking — whether it’s a prescription, over the counter medication, or supplement. Once they know, they can give you advice about how you can protect yourself from potentially dangerous outcomes. You should also question the true legitimacy of any product that’s labeled as natural.

Compounded Medications

You can also choose compounded medication services provided by Atkinson’s Pharmacy as a way to safeguard your health from potentially harmful combinations. These services recommend products based on your particular body chemistry. So if you’re allergic to certain dyes or you would prefer to take your medication by pill rather than injection, our pharmacists can give you the advice and options you need to be confident in what you’re putting in your body. We even help our patients access discontinued medications or make their medication easier to take. Whatever it is you need, we look for ways to find a solution so you can stay healthy.