Emergency checklist

Effective Care for Long Term Care Patients in the Face of Emergency

Creating a long term care plan for patients can be a challenging task, especially in the face of an emergency. Fortunately, with the help of a trusted pharmacy and long term care provider, such as Atkinson’s Pharmacy, you can not only adhere to local and Florida state laws, but you can develop the care and plan that works best for your patients. In the face of an emergency, Atkinson’s Pharmacy is not only prepared, but ready to help local long term care facilities keep their residents healthy and happy.

Understanding The Laws Surrounding Long Term Care Patients And Emergencies

It is important to note that local and federal laws vary with regard to long term care patients and handling emergencies. With this in mind, there are a few key components that hold true throughout the state of Florida.

  1. The facility must be able to use its resources effectively.
  2. The facility must have access to pharmacies that can provide the medicines needed (even when a disaster or emergency strikes).
  3. The highest practical level of mental, psychosocial, and physical well-being must be maintained for each resident of the long term care facility.
  4. The facility, and their associated pharmacy, must be in compliant with set professional standards, as well as the established federal, state, and local laws.
  5. In compliance with recent changes to the “Mega Rule,” long term care facilities must evaluate their pharmacy services during emergency situations.
  6. Pharmacies must have a written plan regarding emergency situations. This plan should include how they will provide their listed services to the long term care facilities (without interruption).
  7. Pharmacies will do the best with what they have during an emergency, to ensure that the long term care facility is properly notified, the emergency plan is followed, and medications / services are delivered as needed to long term care patients.

Atkinson’s Pharmacy: Your Long Term Care Solution

Atkinson’s Pharmacy is built to be an integral component of the team of individuals and businesses needed to provide long term care solutions to patients. These services, which include medical records maintenance, prescription delivery, clinical intervention, staff training, and prescription processing, help Atkinson’s Pharmacy partner with health care providers. Through a proven history of expertise and experience, Atkinson’s Pharmacy is ready and able to become the provider that long term care facilities need before, during, and after an emergency. To learn more about how Atkinson’s Pharmacy can become a trusted partner in the care of long term patients, contact a member of the team today.