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Changing a Patient’s Room Decor Can Improve Health

Did you know that interior design can play a vital role in everyday life? With the right decor, you can bring harmony, beauty, and positivity to your elderly loved one’s room. In fact, with a few simple tips, you can help your loved ones feel comfortable and happy throughout the entire day.

3 Room Decor Tips To Improve Patient Health

When elderly patients are happy and in the right emotional state they are more likely to be receptive to new treatments. The right emotional and mental state can also significantly improve patient health and overall wellbeing. The good news is that changing a room’s decor to positively impact patient health doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or expensive task.

Below are a few tips that can quickly and easily improve the overall environment in a loved one’s room:

  • Add plants — Plants are a great way to brighten any room. They can make any room feel more relaxed, clean, and invoke feelings of happiness. Plants also have the added benefit of introducing clean air and extra oxygen into any room. You can even use plants to add a care goal for your elderly loved ones by giving them their own caregiving responsibilities, such as watering or opening the blinds to let in the additional sunlight that most plants need to thrive.
  • Pick happy colors — Every color has subtle psychological benefits. For example, purple is often associated with luxury and royalty, while green is the color of renewal. By adding new throw pillows, curtains, or blankets to a room, you can positively impact patient health. Be sure to choose colors that make your elderly loved ones smile and fill the room with good energy.
  • Keep the room cozy — By rearranging furniture you can change the entire dynamic of a room. For example, you can create small groups of furniture to create “visiting spaces” inside of the room. Make sure that you select comfortable furniture that is easy for your elderly loved ones to get in and out of without assistance.

Atkinson’s Pharmacy Can Help You Create A Healing Atmosphere

When your elderly loved ones are relaxed and happy, their emotional, mental, and physical health can improve. Atkinson’s Pharmacy can also assist you in improving your loved one’s health by providing home medication delivery, compounding pharmacy services, and medical equipment rentals. To learn more, contact Atkinson’s Pharmacy today.