In-Home Tech is Changing the Way Aging Parents are Cared For

Those who care for an aging parent may sometimes feel like they are always needing to strike a balance between competing goals. On the one hand, there is one desire to make sure their parents are safe, but they also don’t want to impose too many limitations on their autonomy either. This conundrum has sparked the evolution of voice-activated technology.

Amazon Echo

For example, Amazon Echo has a new feature called “Alexa, Show Me Mom,” designed to give caregivers the insight and visibility they need to intervene in an emergency situation. Read more below to see how it works and how new technology can be used to improve the lives of everyone.

It can be used to show a real-time video of a person’s home at any time. In the case of a senior citizen, Amazon Echo can be configured to accept incoming commands from a select group of people. For example, a senior citizen with the device may choose to give only their children access to this feature.

Once the device has been set up, anyone on the authorized list can ‘pop in’ to ensure the person is safe and in no need of immediate assistance. Dubbed the Echo Show, the device has a 7″ screen where video calls can be made over Wi-Fi. As long as both parties have the Amazon Alexa app on their smartphone, the devices will connect immediately. With this feature, the screen appears as ‘frosted glass’ for the first 10 seconds to reduce the chances of a potentially embarrassing situation.

Spencer from Atkinson’s Pharmacy

As people age, they may only be given so many choices about how they receive care. Atkinson’s Pharmacy Group fully supports any new technology that helps people do more on their own. It’s why we’re so proud to present Spencer, an advanced in-home medication dispenser.

With this device, anyone can get the pills they need at the exact times they need to take them with clear, written instructions included. And Spencer is connected to the patient’s primary medical team. If a dose is missed for any reason, Spencer alerts the patient’s main healthcare provider to get everyone back on the same page. If you have questions about how Spencer operates or why Atkinson’s Pharmacy Group has been so successful with helping our patients age at home, give us a call today to learn more about our services.