Ride-Sharing for Seniors: A New Way to the Doctor's Office

Ride-Sharing for Seniors: A New Way to the Doctor’s Office

Seniors who are unable to drive often have difficulty making it to important events such as medical appointments, but ride-sharing apps are giving them newfound freedom to stay mobile and maintain their health. 

Making safety the priority

According to research, anywhere from 15 to 20 percent of seniors over the age of 65 in the U.S. don’t drive themselves. Commonly, many of these older Americans have some sort of health condition which makes driving impossible or inadvisable. For others, a deterioration of fine motor skills and slowing reflexes makes it unsafe to drive. When seniors who shouldn’t be driving have alternative options to get to their appointments, it makes them safer and improves road safety for everyone in a vehicle.

Ensuring seniors never have to miss another appointment

A noteworthy consequence of unreliable transportation for elders is the health risk associated with each missed medical visit. Many of these appointments are scheduled to provide treatments that are vital to their health, and any interruptions can have negative ramifications in the future.

Seniors should never have to choose between driving when it’s not safe and missing a critical medical appointment. Thankfully, ride-sharing is so common in many large- and mid-size communities throughout the country that most people can easily access a ride whenever they need one. 

Taking time to enjoy the golden years

Even perfectly healthy seniors may prefer to avoid getting behind the wheel every day. Between traffic woes, other unsafe drivers, and limited parking at many medical facilities, driving doesn’t equate to the relaxing and stress-free retirement that many older Americans envisioned—after decades spent in the workforce. For healthy elders, ride-sharing is a convenient way to keep up with their health while reducing some potential stressors.

Healthcare companies and ride-share services team up to facilitate travel for seniors

Savvy healthcare organizations know that seniors constitute an important base of their business, and they are eager to find ways to improve experiences for their older patients. That’s why some healthcare companies have launched partnerships with ride-sharing services to arrange transportation for patients who are unfamiliar with their services or can’t easily afford them. 

For seniors, every aspect of healthcare is important, far beyond simply going to the doctor. At Atkinson’s Pharmacy, we offer patients a full line of pharmacy services including long-term care, home delivery, and medical equipment. Reach out to our team today to learn more about how our pharmacists and staff can help you take control of your healthcare.