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How to Get the Durable Medical Equipment You Need

When most of us think of pharmacies, we think of the smiling faces and helpful staff who fill our prescriptions, help us choose which vitamins to purchase or guide us to the right aisle to make a last-minute purchase during cold and flu season. We don’t typically think of the heavy-duty products that are required when disaster strikes, or we are left in need crutches, braces, mobility assistance and other devices. However, these things are available through many of today’s pharmacies, as they have begun doubling as durable medical equipment providers. Take a look at what qualifies as durable medical equipment, and how much easier it is to get nowadays when the need arises!

What is Durable Medical Equipment?

There are many items that can qualify as durable medical equipment. The general parameters for something to be covered under most insurance plans as this type of equipment include:

  • Durability – Being able to withstand repeated and regular use.
  • Medically necessary or helpful.
  • For use in the home or residential setting.
  • Has an expected lifespan of three years or longer.

When these specifications are met, insurance is likely to cover at least part of the cost of these items. Common items covered by Medicare and other plans can include:

  • Mobility assistance devices, such as wheelchairs, crutches, walkers and more.
  • Testing devices for blood sugar, blood pressure and more, as well as medicine administration equipment such as insulin pumps, oxygen tanks, etc.
  • Bed lifts, specialized toilet seats, medically-appropriate beds and other assistive devices for everyday use.

Equipment may be rented, or simply purchased by your insurance provider for you. If you have to pay part of the cost of purchase, your cost may be refundable or discounted. Consult your doctor about these costs and what savings may be available to you or your loved one.

Getting the Equipment You Need

Today’s pharmacies are increasingly prepared to meet the needs of patients who require this kind of specialized equipment, but there are still many areas where the average pharmacy doesn’t have access to these items for their customers. Atkinson’s Pharmacy is a multi-service which also serves as a durable medical equipment provider. Ask about home delivery, local pick-up and other options to make getting the supplies you need faster, easier and more cost-effective. There’s no reason to go without the things you or your loved one need. Contact one of our team members today to learn more and schedule your consultation.