Spencer At Home Medication Dispenser

Meet Spencer

When it comes to patient care, safety is a top priority, especially when they are taking multiple medications at home. Even with the diligence and expertise of doctors, pharmacists, and caretakers, there is always the risk that patients will miss taking their medication and caretakers or pharmacists will not know about it early enough.

Spencer is an advanced in-home medication dispenser and healthcare hub that is here to improve that accountability. This revolutionary in-home device streamlines the relationship between pharmacists, caregivers, and patients in how medication is dispensed and managed at home.  

Spencer delivers correct doses on schedule with instructions on each pill packet. And thanks to its network connection and easy-to-use mobile app, there is a connected network of care between patients, pharmacists, and caretakers. Even patients who have to manage multiple medications at once will be able to easily stay on track of their health with the help of Spencer.

A connected hub that helps you optimize healthcare

Think of Spencer as a fully-automated pharmacist’s partner that serves as a healthcare hub patient needs. Patients can use Spencer to directly contact their pharmacist, watch healthcare video tutorials, customize smartphone notifications, and much more.

Spencer is also the ideal solution for caretakers of patients, thanks to the connected accountability system, notifications, and alerts that are sent to designated caretakers if medication is not taken. Spencer will become your new go-to resource when you have questions about your medications.

Backed by the expertise of pharmacists

Every great pharmaceutical assistant is backed by the knowledge and experience of a pharmacist, even automated ones like Spencer. Technological solutions are not meant to replace the value of a quality pharmaceutical professional, but rather to make it easier for patients to stay connected to their pharmacist and caretakers and make sure they have the medication they need, when they need it.

Spencer’s partner pharmacists at Atkinson’s Pharmacy are trained to care for a variety of different medical issues, and they will work together with Spencer and caregivers to provide a seamless level of care. With Spencer and our pharmacists, you never have to worry about managing home healthcare alone.

If you’re ready to learn more about how Spencer can revolutionize your in-home medical care, visit Spencer’s website today or contact Atkinson’s Pharmacy for additional information.

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