Nursing CE Requirements

Continuing Educations Requirements for LPNs & RNs

Most nurses know that Florida is one of many states requiring continuing education for license renewals. However, the deadlines for those license renewals can be a bit confusing. For example, Some only require a one-time renewal and others may require it every third license renewal, meaning every six years.

So what’s new for our next renewal? Human Trafficking. That course does not have to be board approved but must meet the criteria, outlined in FS 464.013.

Biannual Renewal Requirements:

1 continuing education hour per calendar month which comes out to 24 hours total.

The mandatory topics are:

  • HIV/AIDS – one-time requirement 1 hour
  • Domestic Violence required every 3rd renewal 2 hours
  • Human Trafficking required every renewal starting with 2019 2 hours
  • (does not have to be board approved)
  • Recognizing Impairment in the workplace 2 hours
  • Prevention of Medical Errors 2 hours
  • Florida Law and Rules 2 hours

(Current content on Chapters 456 and 464 of the Florida Statutes, and the rules in Division 64B9 of the Florida Administrative Code, is approved by the Board.)

General education courses and required courses may be taken live or online, self-study. The mandatory topics are listed above. Unless otherwise documented, the mandatory courses are required every renewal period.

CE Broker is a valuable resource for approved courses and can direct you to providers who can aid you in the process.

ARNP license renewal requirements include the topics listed above and Safe and Effective prescription of Controlled substances (3 hours).

This course must be offered by a designated provider as listed on the board of nursing website.