Yoga May Boost Aging Brains

It has long been shown that yoga has positive effects on the mind and body. However, two recent studies showed that older women who practice yoga might be able to boost activity within their aging brains. In fact, with the right yoga practices, researchers are confident that yoga could improve the left prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for memory and attention span.

Yoga Might Have Neuroplastic Effects On The Brain

Elderly women might want to get their yoga mats ready, especially if they want to try to improve their memory and attention to detail as they age. The latest study by Elisa Kozasa suggests that while yoga will not change anyone’s brain structure, it can support (and potentially improve) vital brain functions in the elderly. Dr. Helen Lavretsky, a senior researcher who was not directly involved in the latter study, recently discovered through her own research that yoga might be able to translate into other health benefits for the elderly. Her work shows that yoga could lead to better cognition, improved moods, and a positive neuroplastic effect on the brain.

In Lavretsky’s study, she found that yoga seemed to have similar benefits as playing “brain games.” In other words, she discovered that through weekly yoga classes, many of the elderly participants in her study had lower stress levels over a 12-week-period. She also found that yoga was equivalent to “brain fitness classes” by delivering a vital cognitive component to the daily lives of her participants. Both Lavretsky and Kozasa’s study revealed that yoga helped their participants improve their levels of focus and attention to both large and small details. The latter benefits, coupled with the potential for a greater cortical thickness in the brain’s left prefrontal cortex are all positive signs. With this in mind, both researchers were quick to point out that long-term studies need to be conducted to better determine the true positive impact of yoga on the brain. However, all signs currently suggest that yoga could help to boost your brain against aging.

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