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Technology in the Pharmacy Industry

Over the past several decades, information technology (IT) has had a huge impact on the lives of millions of people. Many industries, including the pharmaceutical industry, have embraced new technologies; forward-thinking pharmacies now rely on automated information processing, automated prescription refills, and apps that provide drug information. While some people may fear that technology may replace pharmacist functions and be impersonal, they actually are helping to bolster efficiency and raise the standard for pharmaceutical care. These technologies enable routine and repetitive tasks to be performed with consistent accuracy that can still be tailored to individual needs.

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Getting Help with Your Focus Issues

Do you find yourself getting easily distracted throughout the day? Whether it is impeding what you do at work, in school or in your home life, letting constant distractions disrupt your thinking, concentration and focus can have a negative impact on you.…

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Case Study: Compounding in Wound Care

Case Study: Open Wound Burn After Radiation – PCCA PracaSil™-Plus A 75-year-old Caucasian woman presented with burns on the front and back of her right shoulder after multiple (30) sessions of radiation therapy. An open wounddeveloped on the burned area, causing her severe…

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